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Our graduates speak two languages fluently
and are well prepared for International or Russian schools

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A real international kindergarten in Moscow
Two-year-olds are very curious and actively gather information about the world around them. All the knowledge and skills acquired at this age are absorbed deeply and thoroughly, so it’s very important to choose an environment where your child’s abilities and personality will be valued, nurtured and developed.

At ABC KIDS, we create the same atmosphere as the best international kindergartens in Europe and the United States. We have thought through every minute and planned your child's day accordingly. Our experienced, native speaking teachers and a psychologist take good care of our students, and all of our teaching is conducted in English.
8 years of impeccable
Our teachers are
native speakers
Education is conducted
exclusively in English


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Our advantages
Our teachers are native speakers
Children spend 40 hours each week with a native speaker.
We have gathered the best certified teachers from the USA, UK and Canada. Each has professional educational training and significant experience of working with children in different countries around the globe.
ABC KIDS teachers stay with their classes all through the year and spend all day long with their students ensuring complete “immersion” into the environment of language.
Small classes and a personalized approach
Our classes have no more than 8-12 children. One teacher per 5 students.
The small class-size means teachers can pay maximum attention to every child and choose an individual development program for each of them.
4 age groups. Age appropriate curriculum is provided at each level to ensure that children continue to feel successful.
International educational standards
Our curriculum is based on the British EYFS*.
Main subjects: Mathematics, speech development, writing, reading, the ‘World Around Us’, development classes with a psychologist, creativity, cooking classes, scientific experiments and projects, music lessons, physical activity (yoga, wushu, dance), and preparation for Russian schooling.
* The Early Years Foundation Stage is the British state educational program for preschool children, approved in 2012 by the Department of Education in England.
Attention to details and daily reports
We work with each family individually. When a new student is admitted to our school, we take into account absolutely all the nuances: the peculiarities of adaptation, nutrition, the usual daily routine, the habits of the child. We pay special attention to the wishes of the parents. It is important for us to create the most comfortable atmosphere for each child.
At the end of each school day, the teacher tells the parents in detail how the day went. The teacher also prepares a daily written report to parents, which contains all of the most important information about the day: classes, mealtime, naps, and mood of the child.
Convenient location in a luxury residential complex
ABC KIDS has its home in one of Moscow’s greenest areas within the secured area of the Mirax Park residential complex.
16 hectares of parkland, a lake, playgrounds and its own zoo with llamas and a camel.
Tasty and healthy child nutrition
Three balanced meals a day: breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.
Our menu is prepared specifically for children.
Comfortable and safe environment
At ABC KIDS, every child feels unique, loved and important.
We respect children and know how to listen to them.
Our psychologist monitors the atmosphere in each class, helps new kids to adapt and settle in, and supports them all through the school year.
We care about the atmosphere in our kindergarten. It is very important to us that everyone at ABC KIDS, children, parents, and teachers alike are all happy with the experience.
Marisa Sierra
The United States of America
Hello everybody! My name is Ms. Marisa, and I am the teacher for Crane Class! I graduated from University with highest honors and I have been teaching children of all ages for five years. I have worked for the public school system of California, and I have taught in Hiroshima, Japan, and in the Russian cities of St. Petersburg, Stavropol, and Moscow. I have a deep passion for teaching children because I feel that I am not just teaching a language or a subject, but that I am also helping to develop the people those children will become. In order to do this a safe, fun, and educational environment must be developed. This is the best part to me, because I love creating lessons and activities that are fun, immersive, and which educate the children without them fully realizing that they are even learning. In this way children will grow and learn with positive attitudes and a smile on their face!
Hollie Johnson
Great Britain
Hello, I am Ms. Hollie and I teach Monkey Class! I graduated from university in both South Korea and the UK (BA). I hold a level 5 TEFL qualification and have taught in England, France and South Korea. I come from a family of teachers, so education has been an important factor in my life since childhood. I believe that education should be about enjoying lessons and making sure each student gets the most out of their early learning experience, so that they continue their education with great passion and eagerness as they grow up. I draw on my own experiences as a language graduate to help me understand the needs of language students and the best methods of studying a foreign language
Sasha Wiellette
The United States of America
Hello, I'm Ms. Sasha and I am excited to teach the Tiger class this year! I am from the USA and have a BA degree. I am TEFL certified to teach children and adults of all ages. I believe each student is unique and strive to provide a safe, fun, and nurturing learning environment for them. I find working with preschool students to be the most rewarding – and sometimes the most challenging! For me, the greatest thing about teaching preschool is seeing the excitement in my students’ eyes every day and celebrating their successes with them!
Felicia Hendley
The United States of America
Hello, my name is Felicia and I am the teacher of the Panda Class! I am from the USA. I am from the great hospitable state of South Carolina where the weather is always nice and smiles are always on people’s faces. I hope to transfer this happiness and joy to all of my little Pandas this year! It’s a joy to see how kids develop into great productive well-mannered students who will be ready for school! I studied at Berkeley College in New York where I received my Bachelor’s Degree. From there I continued to pursue my education and studied at Teaching House in New York and received my CELTA. I have been teaching for the past five years to various levels of learners from children to adults; including preparing students for level exams. I have taught English in Ukraine for three years, China for one year, Ulyanovsk for one year and now in the lovely city of Moscow
The inspiration for founding ABC KIDS Int. Preschool struck me in Shanghai where I lived for more than two years. Throughout my time there, I worked at an international kindergarten that had been open for twenty years. That experience has come with me to our ABC KIDS Int. Preschool in Moscow, along with the educational program, philosophy, values and an atmosphere of love and goodwill.
Our objective at ABC KIDS is to recreate a truly international learning environment. This opens up a wide range of educational options to our students: they are prepared for primary schools in Russia or even abroad if they so choose and are not tied to just one system. The world will open up to them! Travel, the ability to study almost anywhere on Earth, friendships that span national borders. All this, and more, is how your child benefits from an international education in his or her early years!
We believe that it is our duty to allow all children to discover themselves and the world around them freely and in safety. Student-focused learning, a personal approach in a safe and nurturing environment are what make ABC KIDS the perfect starting point for successful learning!
Ekaterina Ivanova
Founder, ABC KIDS Int. Preschool
This is the best kindergarten in our city! Our second child goes to ABC KIDS. At the same time, our eldest son lived in the USA, so we have a good comparison.

The staff and assistants are ideal! The teachers are exclusively native speakers with teaching qualifications and vast professional experience! Children go to the kindergarten quite happily and demonstrate good results in no time!
Daria Valyaeva
I would like to thank the whole team at ABC KIDS Int. Preschool! Our child runs joyfully into the kindergarten every morning and worries about missing a single day!
Thank you. Platon is learning English with great enthusiasm and is already beginning to teach his grandmother and nanny at home.
Ekaterina Zhdanova
What parent doesn’t want the best for their child? Making the right choice was very important to us. When we first visited ABC KIDS, we felt that it was “our place”! It has an atmosphere of joy and tranquillity, they take an interest in you and your child. Respect, warmth, kindness and staff involvement were in the air! Every visit to our kindergarten makes us smile; there are many interesting and varied activities, discoveries, pleasant communication. It’s a great joy and pleasure to see it every day.

Huge thanks to all the staff for the soul and heart you open to our children, for the sincere warmth and support that surround them in the kindergarten. For the careful and enthusiastic way you accompany our children on their way to mastering knowledge and experience that will help them in life. Thank you so much for helping parents to raise free, creative, smart, interesting, well-mannered and kind children!
Ekaterina Uvarova
ABC KIDS took care of my son Soo-hyun Kim with teacher's warm heart and love. Techers hugged him when he needed, and wiped his tears so that my child could adapt into new surroundings well. The benefits are very grateful. After Kim Soo-hyun settled in the preschool, he started to get one by one. He came home to sing an English song and showed and told the craft of the day, and explained what I did today with friends. As a parent, I was convinced that my child is living well in the preschool.

I am also satisfied with the programs and special events of ABC KIDS: EGG Hatch project, Weekly themed study, Halloween party. In addition to studying English, foreigners like us need an educational institution that can keep their children safe and emotionally stable. In this respect, I am very much happy and satisfied with ABC KIDS.
Young Hun Kim
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